Our corporate culture is built on respect. We highly value respect through all layers of our organization, between employees, to our customers and business partners. Our guideline are expected to be respected and applied within our organization. We stimulate our employees to become their best version. Honesty, openness and versatility are of paramount importance.

At Vossen Laboratories we have a zero tolerance policy for any type of discrimination. We respect freedom of speech and work together in a pleasant work space. We prioritize working conditions and innovate them according to society’s changes.

Our employees have the chance to contribute to environmental improvements and a way towards zero emissions.

  • We treat everyone with respect; our employees, people in general and our business partners.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination.
  • We encourage trust and honesty.
  • We are open to new ideas and value input from all layers of our organization.
  • We prioritize all aspects of safety and a pleasant working environment.
  • We offer a diverse working space.
  • We offer responsible solutions with high business value to our partners.
  • We treat our partners with respect and integrity.
  • We make sure our solutions contribute to societal and environmental improvements.
  • We contribute to providing safe and environmentally safe solutions in less developed parts of the world.
  • Ideas and innovations are only developed when they contribute to future-proof solutions.
  • We highly value listening to our customers customized needs and create products directed at a regions need.
  • We recycle waste products like paper, glass, plastic and foil.