GMP+ certified

GMP+ certified companies are required to have their analyses carried out at by Certified Laboratories. It concerns laboratories with a GMP+ (or equivalent) certificate. It is important that companies – in selecting a laboratory for carrying out analyses – check for what operations and associated matrix laboratories are certified.

Control Union Certified

With its foundation in agriculture, Control Union Certifications has focused its efforts in developing services around the sustainability of the industry’s supply chains which feed into the food, feed, forestry, biomass, bioenergy, social compliance and textiles markets. With ‘boots on the ground’ in more than 70 countries, Control Union Certifications is uniquely placed to manage challenges with today’s global marketplace. Control Union Certifications keeps sustainability as a core focus, both now and in the future.

Secure Feed Certified

In 2004, AFIA launched the Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) Certification Program to establish comprehensive standards of excellence that go beyond existing regulations to maximize food and feed safety. It is a voluntary, independently certified program designed for both AFIA members and non-members.