Our efforts during COVID-19

For decades we are helping businesses, farmers, distributors and consumers to produce, maintain and care with high quality standards.

COVID-19 demands much from society as well as businesses. The importance of care and health are inevitable during these times and we are working 24/7 to supply our customers with the goods needed.

Our commitment during COVID-19

We are committed to work on absolutely necessary products from our assortments, to provide you the care you need.

Besides looking after our customers, it is our priority to safely guide our employees through the pandemic. We encourage our employees to work from home when they are able to and take strict precautions when it comes to working on site.

We are producing at our highest capacities to ensure the safety needs of our customers, our commitment is a promise. Our disinfectants and other needed goods are in high demand at the moment. We don’t go along with extortionate pricing, we use transparent and fair prices even when resources are scarce.

Besides using our products to help prevent the virus from spreading even more, we are sharing our knowledge to customers to make sure they get the wanted care of their business and theirselves.


We are highly aware of the less fortunate in our society. We see enormous demands in our Handgels and we do everything we can to make sure we deliver as fast as possible is these extreme times. Besides that priority, we believe it is our responsibility to donate Handgels to food banks to support communities.

We are proud to say that every employee of Vossen Laboratories is doing everything they can to serve customers fairly during this crisis and after this crisis.