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Total care of companies in the areas of maintenance, legislation and digitization

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Total solutions for cattle farming, lower costs and more efficiency. Vossen Laboratories strives to prevent diseases by increasing preventive resistance and minimizing risk factors on all sufficient areas.

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There are many risk factors in poultry farming,
resulting in diseases with high costs.
We offer advice and additional products so that the consequences can be limited.

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The success of a harvest depends on external factors, but internal factors also have an influence. With our products you optimise both factors, for a better yield, healthy soil and plant.

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In addition to our B2B Agriculture and Industrial product lines,

Vossen Laboratories also develops B2C product lines and concepts.


Cost-saving and durable cleaning solutions.
Vossen Laboratories delivers advice on the removal
of different kinds of
pollution, so that your business can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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We supply a wide range of lubricants
for both the food
and non-food sectors.
The specialist lubricating oils and
fats are developed for extreme
high pressure and temperatures.

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For combating
micro organisms or green deposits
we have formally admitted,
developed concentrated biocides.
Our biocides have a strong cleaning function in this respect.

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For the protection of
surfaces and materials,
we have high quality
surface protection products.
Products that provide optimal and long-lasting protection.

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