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Vossen Laboratories’ mission is to provide companies with complete solutions in the field of maintenance,
legislation and digitisation. To get the most out of companies.

Vossen focuses on the most diverse sectors for over 4 decades. Both in its domestic market, The Netherlands, as in numerous countries all over the world. Customers appreciate the effectiveness and high quality of the innovative products and related flexibility, options and advice.

Our B2B product lines consist mainly of liquid products that promote the comfort of the customer in different ways, both in the Agricultural sector as the Industrial sector. Vossen Laboratories offers company-specific solutions for customers. We strive for the highest possible quality, innovation and durability in our products, so you can get the most out of your company.

In addition to our B2B product lines, we also develop B2C product lines and concepts for total business care in the areas of maintenance, legislation and digitisation.


The aim of the Agriculture products is the lowest possible production costs due to an optimal health of dairy cattle, poultry and crops. Vossen Laboratories aims for a situation in which antibiotics are only sporadically present. With our natural product line we want to ensure more natural output and fewer pesticides.


Vossen Laboratories develops and produces specialist maintenance products for the food and non-food industry. The aim of these products is to save both production and labour costs. These products have been developed with effectiveness and safety as the main criteria.

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