How the environment is our priority and how we meet our expectations

Climate change is not for the future, it is happening right now. We have prioritized the way that we think about the environment. We’ve already been developing environmentally responsible products for decades, and it has only become more important ever since. When creating new solutions for customers, we incorporate safety and environmentalism consistently.

Besides developing en providing environmentally friendly solutions to our customers, we feel the urge to integrate our philosophy throughout our whole business. This includes waste management, production, electricity, emissions, packaging and raw materials. We are working towards a significant reduction of our carbon footprint.

  • Our farming solutions are natural, which means they won’t affect the environment and increase biodiversity.
  • Our cleaning solutions are greener than your average cleaning products by using raw materials that are effective and most of all safe. We use highly concentrated products to reduce packaging and waste.
  • We’ve developed yacht care products that are not harming for sea life and reduce emissions of boats. The same for our innovative car product range.
  • Our skincare brand is made from high quality and effective raw materials that go through a strict ISO certified process. We are working towards products that don’t contain any harming ingredients such as fragrances, dyes, drying alcohols, silicones and essential oils. Besides that, we offer beauty from the inside out, which means we provide scientifically proven supplements with effective amounts of substances that will improve human condition.