Hygiene and disinfection solutions for farms

In order to optimize farm output, hygiene is one of the key factors a farmer has to take care of. Hygiene and disinfection for farms are even more important in times of a pandemic. Farmers need to take hygiene and disinfection measures to ensure hazards such as contamination arising from soil, water, fertilisers, pesticides and handling of waste are prevented. This is also important when it comes to producing a safe consumer good. Farmers stand at the beginning of the food supply chain. The more the product is spared from diseases and pesticides, the safer the end product will be for consumers.

Hygiene plays a key role in reducing the spread of infection and hence the use of antibiotics. Although antibiotics play an important role at farms, overusing or using it incorrectly, will cause major damage. Once farmers find ways to reduce the use of pesticides and antibiotics by using optimal hygiene and disinfection solutions and on the other hand natural replacements, the less need there will be for antibiotics.

It’s important to control the level of disease-causing agents or pathogens that animals are exposed to, also known as infection pressure. On the other hand it is key to maximize the immune system of farm animals to battle these bugs, specifically bacteria. We can maximise immunity by optimizing the condition of farm animals through optimal nutrition.

Good on-farm hygiene reduces the level of bugs and bacteria humans and animals are exposed to. Good farm hygiene means better health for you, your family and your animals.