What do we do?

Reduce production costs

Reduce labour costs

Newest innovations

Optimal service life and maintenance

Our Services


We offer cost effective, sustainable cleaning solutions. We provide advice on removing various types of pollution, in order to increase efficiency and profit within your company.


We supply a wide range of lubricants for both food and non-food businesses. The specialist lubricating oils and greases have been developed for extremely high pressures and temperatures.


To combat micro organisms or green deposits we have developed formally allowed, concentrated biocides. Our biocides have a strong cleansing function in addition.


For protecting surfaces and materials, we offer a number of high-quality surface protection products. Our products offer an optimal and highly durable conservation.


Who are we?

Vossen Laboratories develops and manufactures specialist maintenance products for the food and non-food industry. The purpose of using these products is saving on both production and labour costs. These products have been developed with the main criteria; effectiveness and safety. Safe for the user, the material and, if necessary, also for food and the environment.

Vossen Laboratories continually invests in optimizing the effectiveness and safety of the products. We also offer products based on nanotechnology.