Research, development and production - Combining knowledge in the fields of agriculture, maintenance, health, skincare, natural ingredients and science

Our innovative solutions are responding to the needs of our worldwide customers. The success of the development of the provided solutions is a combination of the know-how of our valued employees. A large part of the success and innovation of our formulas is the use of data combined with new technologies and innovated ingredients.

Everyday we are searching for the perfect combinations to optimize processes, ingredients, technologies and know-how. R&D strategies and advanced technologies are changing fundamentally due to the high volume of data availability nowadays. We solely use all data available for the improvement of our products and solution and thus to increase customer value.

To substantiate our researches and development we use ISO certified processes to ensure quality and environmental responsible production techniques.

To further substantiate the researches, we use third party trials. Besides the importance of responsible business processes, sustainable and future-proof solutions we develop, we see significance of the effectivity of our products and solutions. In order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our solutions, we design tests that are executed by our R&D team and on the other hand we choose the right independent trials with third parties. The combination of the two provide quality, trust, effectiveness and efficiency in our solutions.


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