Investing in research and development

Over the 40 years of our existence, we have always prioritized innovation. The importance of growth and improvements in our solutions has been the key goals of our research and development department. We closely work together with our experts and customers to eventually provide tailored solutions. We look at different levels when it comes to research and development; customer level, business level, country level, world level, environment level and society level.

Our research and development teams do more than just addressing existing challenges. We focus on providing solutions that have holistic approaches, combined with knowledge. We are determined to share our knowledge with our customers in order to provide sustainable, profitable, future-proof and long-term solutions.

Helping our customer make knowledge-based decisions

Farmers, businesses and direct consumer all have one thing in common; facing challenges and changes in their daily lives. Our research teams address these challenges and changes and develop solutions based on the specific needs of our customers. We believe in durable solutions that help customers in their future business operations. Therefor we create long-term partnerships with farmers, businesses and direct consumers, without any restrictions.


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