It all started in the garage of Jacques Vossen in 1976. Jacques Vossen started to trade high pressure cleaners and matching cleaning products as an ambitious entrepreneur. Shortly after that, the sales, development and production of cleaning products became core business. In 1984, a new field of the company was added to the core business: natural agricultural healthcare for animals. Very soon after, the company enjoyed very fast international growth.

We started off as a small family business, but over the course of the past 45 years we have grown out to be one of the most influential companies in professional maintenance, personal care, crop health and animal health. Vossen Laboratories is active in Europe, Africa and Asia and covers the following industries: professional cleaning, construction industry, pharmaceuticals, food, metal, non-food, marine, agriculture and horticulture, skincare, animal health, crop improvement and nanotechnology for yachts. By forging durable relationships with our customers, we have been on the forefront of ‘going greener’ for many years. Since 1992, we are ISO certified. This means we produce environmentally friendly which is verified by a third party continuously.