Facts about Vossen Laboratories

For over four decades Vossen Laboratories Group has been developing solutions for a diverse selection of companies and industries. With our focus on innovation, the environment and society, Vossen Laboratories has handed knowledge and added value down to thousands of customers.

We are transforming customers into friends by providing durable solutions

From science to business value

We are transmitting valuable knowledge and innovative solutions to our partners. Together with our partners, we are contributing to an ever-increasing growth in the efficiency and durability of businesses and communities. The world faces challenges on a global scale. These challenges affect all of us and we should all work together to face them head-on. Vossen Laboratories takes on this challenge in the broadest way possible. Together we can do it!

Sustainability is our commitment. Animal health, human health and material durability are our main focuses. Our goal is to add value and contribute to a better life quality for all of us. We believe that by adding value to the supply chain we eventually care for safer consumer goods, higher quality food and better awareness on ethical topics for companies.

We combine science, responsible chemistry and business development into our products. We consistently follow up on human and animal health innovations, environmental challenges and raw material revolutions with great social responsibility.

Vossen The New Farming focuses on animal health and crop improvement. We find natural ways to support farmers and to create safe, profitable consumer goods. We develop products with care for the environment, healthy animal and crop growth and ethical responsibility.


Vossen Greener Chemicals makes innovative science available for industrial companies. Responsible cleaning products and professional lubricants increase company efficiency and thus help maximize profit. Instead of using harmful chemicals, we highly encourage to minimize detrimental raw materials. Greener, stronger.


Vossen Automotive provides everyone with premium car care. We strive to provide the automotive industry and you at home with high quality products especially developed to respect both people and the environment.


ASTIS; The Vitality Company supplies skincare and skin health to consumers. We are passionate about people’s health and skincare. We combine professional science and expertise into high standard skincare products and supplements. We never test on animals and don’t use harmful ingredients. We support people and their skin


Pascal Villanova by Vossen markets premium nanotechnology yacht care products. We strive to improve and protect the appearance of yachts. Yachts are in direct contact with the sea which makes it even more important to work with safe products. Therefor we are determined to develop our products with great care for the environment.


Vossen Digi Care facilitates companies active in the field of food processing or hospitality. We created a digital platform for restaurant and hotel owners to register their daily cleaning tasks. Besides that we focus on complete hygiëne solutions that provide companies with safety for their employees and customers.



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