The New Farming - Crop resistance and improvement in the future

We combine science with innovative natural ingredients to obtain professional solutions for agriculture. It is of great importance these days to work with care for the environment for farmers. Nowadays the challenge is not to grow as much as possible but how to grow as much as possible without leaving large ecological footprints.

Modern agriculture offers farmers ways to increase productivity, protecting their crops and improve crop growth without harming nature. We believe the future of farming can be sustainable and profitable at the same time for farmers. Both farmers and end consumer will thrive from this approach that Vossen The New Farming widely represents.

Driven by making the world a better place, climate change and regulations from governments, we select product ranges for farmers. We offer total solutions to farmers, hand out our knowledge and attach products to obtain desired results. We only use high standard ingredients that offer results today and innovation tomorrow.

Farming is key worldwide. Following the food chain, farming is at the heart of the chain and we are proud we are playing a role. Naturally, with passion and with care for the environment and people we offer farmers crop solutions and knowledge globally.


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