We create responsible vitality, hygiene and care for people, animals, crops and materials for more fun while making a shared profit

Today, Vossen Laboratories is operating with great environmental responsibility. Our values, the improvement of partners’ lives, and business’s efficiency with great care for the environment are at the core of our company. We desire to protect the planet and to contribute to a healthier and greener life while having fun achieving the goal. The future is here. We support and protect people, animals, crops and materials and aim to achieve this goal by supporting and informing our partners.

Innovation has always been a driving force of our operation. We constantly strive to innovate, improve research, use durable raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. Scientific research is at the heart of our operation. We expect our suppliers to align with our quality and ethical standards. Together, we are committed to provide solutions in the field of farming, human health, animal health and material prolonging.

We work towards maximum contact with our partners in order to optimize our solutions and we work towards maximum transparency by means of clear and open lines of communication.

We are convinced that our solutions can contribute to large changes in the world in cooperation with our partners. We believe our contribution will make business processes greener, farms more natural and make people healthier. This will result in a shift in the ways of our planet’s working and thinking.

In an ever-changing landscape of people, companies and animals, Vossen Laboratories strives to keep innovating every day. This way we are sure to provide our partners with future-proof solutions.

We make sure to contribute to a better life, a healthier environment and more hygienic workspaces and farms. Sharing our knowledge has become more important than ever, in a world that changes every day. We have been gathering knowledge for over 40 years and strive to pass it on to next generations. Combined with the experience from the past, this allows future generations to go further than even. From Finland to South-Africa, we deliver know-how and the highest quality ISO certified supplies.

What we're about

Our customers have valued our quality and reliability for years. Our energy and positivism is widely spread through the variety of products we offer. Animals, crops, people or companies, we care.


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