Vossen Laboratories' World Map

Vossen Laboratories is an international company with headquarters in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We are exporting throughout the world. Discover our map to see our activities in every country.

We have been growing internationally every year over decades. Through social media and other technological opportunities, we have gained audiences worldwide. To serve all customers over the world equally, our research and develop teams develop custom made solutions for every country and region.

We treat every country and even every region within a country as a separate business case. Meaning we research and develop solutions for every specific issue that occurs.

In the future, we focus on expanding even more and continue to develop new solutions. New business cases, changing laws and restrictions, new raw materials and new consumer expectations are our focus regarding innovation. We are focusing on markets of the future while serving and innovating our existing business areas.

With our solutions and products, we are contributing to specific regional matters. Our aim is to improve the quality of doing business, improving the quality of consumer goods delivered by farmers and improving people’s lives.


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