Press Report Vossen The New Farming

There have been lots of news messages on how we should be more concerned about sustainability and improving the environment. This also applies to farmers, our small-scale research on social media shows that farmers often are positively engaged with the sustainability and consciously improve conditions for their animals or crops on their farms. Though farmers are often labelled as careless when it comes to the environment.

Vossen Laboratories int. B.V. introduces a new platform for the sustainable, future-proof agricultural entrepreneur.

The influence of environmental policy grows from fertilisers to pesticides, farmers need to consciously be dealing with a complex, growing web of regulations and governmental restrictions. New situations and new environments call for new approaches. Through simple yet professional and natural health prevention programs, we help farmers to work towards a world with zero antibiotics and zero pesticides.

Farming is a serious business these days, however new technologies offer opportunities. That’s exactly what we value at Vossen The New Farming. We see shifts in farm structures and large transfers of farms to younger producers will be taking place very soon.

The average farmer is 57 years old and 30% is older than 65 years. After that trend, the technology will speed up. Agtech is developing fast, autowatering systems and drones are used more often. Environmentalism’s influence grows from fertiliser to pesticides, farmers have to be mindful of a complex, growing web of regulations and governmental restrictions. We understand farmers, we support futuristic farming and changing environments with our safe products.

Especially for mindfulness farmers, we have the Trust Me I’m A Farmer Campaign so that farmers can share that they are working on the environment through a billboard. They can share their journey on social media via the hashtags #zeroantibiotics and #zeropesticides.

The new webshop of Vossen The New Farming also has a Club in which you, as a farmer, can earn points, which you then can change for discounts or goodies. Any farmer who signs up will receive a hoodie and car sticker so they can show that they are working on an environmentally conscious world.