Safe workspaces for businesses and people

Safe work spaces are important, especially in times of COVID-19. Hygiene, sanitation and social distancing have become top priority and are a must for every company. Choosing safe and environmentally friendly disinfectants is key. Vossen Greener Chemicals offer a wide range of disinfectants and cleaning products to keep your office space hygienically maintained.

Tips for a safer workspace:

  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces at least twice a day, especially high-touch surfaces
  • Provide members with hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays, and educate all on proper hand-washing
  • Offer only paper cups for beverages and pre-wrapped food items

Well-maintained equipment is another major factor when it comes to work-floor safety. When we look at large plants with multiple machines and automations, it is important to use the right cleaning and lubrication products. Additionally, the education and knowledge sharing of employees is also an addition to safe workspaces.