Taking care of society, animals and the environment

At Vossen Laboratories we are involved in health, education and environmental needs. We are promoting to work safely and environmentally friendlier. Knowledge is our most powerful resource and we see it as our mission to convey important knowledge to society.

Our main focus is the environment, sustainability, health, safety and working efficiently. We are investing in research and development in the science field as well as complementing our knowledge. The centre of attention has always been to develop future-proof solutions, to educate our customers and to work towards a situation where customers can work safer, environmentally friendlier and at the same time more efficiently.

Besides providing our customers with our products, we offer holistic solutions. This means that if we can help customers with additional knowledge, information and helpful products, we will. We are stimulating farmers to use every tool they can to promote biodiversity as crops will have a tremendous benefit from it. Additionally, we are helping businesses to increase their efficiency and sustainability by offering easy go-to solutions for the maintenance of machinery and materials.

We are not new to the concepts and challenges that society, animals and the environment are facing at the moment. We aspire to grow together with the concepts and offer our help and contribute to our ability.

We have worked for years to create a concept that would fit everyone’s needs, and at the same time benefit the environment and society. As the world is growing and food will become more scarce over the years, we are determined to improve the food supply chain from the beginning until the end. We are starting at the core of our food supply, farmers, that we help to create future-proof businesses. Instead of harming the environment, we have developed ways and solutions that actually benefit the environment and biodiversity and additionally increase output and consumer product safety. After the work of the farmers, food will be processed by industrial companies, which we help by maintaining their machines sustainably and most of all, process the food safely. Consumers are the end of the supply chain, we create added value to consumers by providing healthcare and luxury skincare products.