The digital age requires a digital company

Digitization helps our organization work better and more efficiently. Digitization for customer and digitization for our employees both play an important role here. Our contribution to society with our innovations and future proof solutions also require smooth and durable company processes. At the beginning of the year we started our digitization internally. We’ve been implementing software solutions of the highest quality and adding the newest top notch cloud platforms to improve productivity and safety.

We have been upgrading the entire order process, which involves the customer service operational activities and also the different manners customers can place a digital order. Automation has been fully covered to ensure all software systems work as one. We are striving to optimize this further in the future as we’re slowly becoming a digital company.

We need to reconsider how we spread information and knowledge. Two key factors in our company. As we rethink options, digitization stands out as our most important focus. On the other hand we gather data, such as product data, customer data and scientific data from the field to develop innovations. Digitazation has always been important in the process of innovation, but today it has brought us data sets that are clearer than ever.