Sustainability, climate change and our responsibilities

Sustainability is a core value at Vossen Laboratories. We are constantly working to improve our own business activities, to minimize the impact on the environment. In addition to that, we develop solutions to protect the environment, people and animals. Climate change is a substantial challenge that we are all facing. To take our responsibility, we have developed solutions to reduce emissions. Our target is to protect the environment by continuing this line of producing sustainably and creating innovative and responsible solutions for every business segment.

Optimizing performance, endurance and lifespan of your engine will increase sustainability. From making sure your engine makes the best use of the available fuel, by removing any sludge or water from your tank to make sure your engine and transmission run as smooth as possible by means of our high-quality fuel additives, we’ve got the best solution for you. In addition, our revolutionary Security Break Complex (SBC) makes sure that all the moving metal parts in your engine are protected against wear and tear, thus prolonging the lifespan of you engine. Modern vehicles are packed with technology and for a vehicle to run smooth, one needs to make sure that all the electrical components, such as; sensors, lightbulbs and wiring need to be protected against the penetration of water and dirt.