Sustainability as our main goal

We started as producers of high quality cleaning products and protectives. As we proceeded, our philosophy has evolved over the years. We wanted to add value to businesses on multiple levels. Which starts at a production level, where we work with ISO certifications in order to ensure safety and environmentally responsibility. Our customers know that we stand for the highest quality, which establishes longer material lifetime and less labour costs.

Our economy is going greener by the day. Vossen Greener Chemicals aims to provide you with green solutions to make your business more sustainable. At the heart of Vossen Greener Chemicals’ core values lie; cost-efficiency and durability. Of pivotal importance to the smooth and profitable operation of your business is a well-maintained and looked after infrastructure. This does not only entail that your infrastructure and machinery function efficiently, but also safely. A well maintained infrastructure is both safe and pleasant to work in. It has been shown that good maintenance aids in preventing failure and breakage, thus allowing you to keep on going.

Durability and sustainability of both your machinery and infrastructure is what we aim to assist you with. Vossen Greener Chemicals provides you with the best in terms of cleaning, lubricating and conservation solutions for all surfaces and machines in relation to a variety of problems. We offer business solutions for general use and products for specific problems.


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