Safe and professional lubrication for machinery, surfaces and material

Over the years, Vossen Greener Chemicals has not only specialized in creating cleaning and conservation solutions but also lubrication. We provide you both with general lubrication solutions as well as solutions for specific applications under extreme circumstances.

Superb quality and user-friendliness lie at the bases of our lubrication program. It has been shown that decent lubrication prevents wear and breakage and aids in pushing your machinery to the limit, thus reaching the highest possible efficiency. Modern day machines rely heavily on electronics, yet the basic components have not changed over the course of time. Just as a computer needs to proper updates to withstand the ravages of time, your machinery needs proper care for you to enjoy it as long as possible.

That is why we keep on optimizing our lubrication solutions. Vossen Greener Chemicals is furthermore very aware that it is not only important for the solution to be of the highest quality, it also needs to be safe for the people who are working with it every day. That’s why we are proud to say that our lubrication solutions do not contain substances that are harmful for the people using them.


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