Root strengthening, crop solutions and an improved condition

Pesticides are a no go at Vossen The New Farming. We believe that we can achieve the same with natural products without harming the environment. Instead of harming nature while protecting crops, we’d like to improve the overall condition and root strength of crops. Additionally we have our own natural crop solutions, which makes sure that crop condition is supported to minimize the risk of all forms of negative influences of the environment. We believe this is the way into the future.

We supply our customers with safe and environmentally friendly products. We offer products to improve farm health and hygiene. Our products are high quality and only created from premium ingredients. Our products offer a way to a world without antibiotics and pesticides. We offer complete solutions as we share our knowledge with farmers. This means that we work together with farmers to create a plan towards more output and lower costs. Farmers can contact us at any time and can make use of our specialists who will give free advice at any time. We help farmers prepare their farm lifestyle for the future.